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Beat the August Heat with this New Soothing Frozen Treat

Ah, behold the dog days of summer…

August has snuck up on us again and brings with it those high temps, that humid air — and a constant need for something refreshing, soothing, hydrating and, ideally, nourishing.

Well, thankfully, LifeIce is here to offer a perfectly bite-sized icy solution.

The inspiration behind LifeIce came from homemade recipes for “nutritional ice chips” that I started making for my mother during a sweltering August 2010, as she continued her brave battle with ovarian cancer.

Between the heat, the chemo, the mouth sores and the metallic taste in her mouth, all she wanted was ice chips. But, I realized that while these ice chips were providing her with hydration, they were offering no source of nutrition. Plus, they had no taste! Resolving to use the ice to deliver the nourishment she needed (and the flavor she wanted), I started creating the very first versions of LifeIce.

These “nutritional ice chips” were the perfect solution — much more enjoyable and flavorful than plain ice chips; much easier and healthier to consume than messy & sugary popsicles.

So, after two years of research & development, this simple idea, borne out of necessity, became something much more refined so that I could offer it to others. In fact, I worked with both a Nutritional Oncologist and a Registered Dietitian when formulating the product to make sure that none of the ingredients could potentially have an adverse reaction with various chemo agents and would be safe for those on all different kinds of restricted diets — whether NPO, Diabetic, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Dairy-Free, etc.

LifeIce launched on April 24, 2013, my mother’s birthday, and as an official corporate partner with the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Our Cubettes are the first 100% natural bite-sized ices. With a texture most like mini-popsicles, and a convenient freeze-at-home tray delivery system, we debuted with four delicious flavors: Berry Bite, Chocolate Crisp, Citrus Chomp & Green Grind. All of which have a coconut water base that combines various Superfoods to create familiar but complex flavor profiles.

The biggest innovation is that LifeIce is sold shelf stable in ready-to-freeze trays. So, the trays can be stored wherever until needed — freeze on demand, so to speak. And, you have the option to pop out only a few Cubettes at a time — if that’s all you want. So, unlike a popsicle, for example, there ends up being less mess and less waste.

So, whether recovering from surgery, fighting the metallic taste or mouth sores that unavoidably come with chemo or just dealing with a diminished appetite, fatigue or the August heat — our “Cubettes” offer an innovative alternative to ice chips or popsicles, which are often without any nutrition, too messy and too cumbersome to consume.

LifeIce is the popsicle reinvented …and a new soothing frozen treat to beat this August heat.  To try LifeIce, visit http://www.lifeice.com/ and use discount code BeatTheHeat30 for 30% off all orders (valid until September 31, 2014).

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