Savor Health is a digital health company that provides precision nutrition interventions to cost effectively manage and reverse chronic disease.

Proprietary Expert Platform applies guidelines-based nutrition science to each patient’s unique profile to optimize treatment outcomes and lower total cost of care.

Contextually relevant nutrition guidance delivered 24/7 “on demand” via SMS text with Virtual Dietitian-on-Demand, Ina® combined with seamless “last mile” meal and grocery delivery.

Market leading results:70% engagement, 87% satisfaction, likelihood to recommend 4.3 out of 5.

“Ina® has helped give me the access that a traditional referral to a dietician doesn’t offer. It took me months to see a dietician after I was offered a referral and I wish the dietician was as friendly as Ina®.”

“I wanted you all to know that I truly wish I would have had a system like Ina® when I was going through my treatment. May you never be in need of a system like this, but if you are, it is good to know you have a “friend in Ina®” who can offer advice without being judgemental.”

Launched in oncology in 2019, Ina®, the World’s first Dietitian-on-Demand, provides the same guidelines-based, personalized nutrition interventions and guidance of a registered dietitian, including triage to and coordination and data sharing with their medical and nutrition team.  


Over 106,000 expertly curated nutrition interventions to support the unique needs of a complex multi-condition patients with cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and heart disease.   

License Ina® to empower your members and employees with customized evidence-based precision nutrition support. 

Ina Color

Patient Tells Ina® About His/Her Medical Condition(s) and Life “Context,” Including SDOH, Preferences, Barriers.

Savor Health’s Proprietary Expert Platform Evaluates Unique Patient Needs and Matching Algorithms Identify the Most Appropriate Nutritional Guidance from Expertly Curated Database of Over 106,000.  

Ina® Immediately Texts the Same High Quality, Guidelines-Based Personalized Nutrition Guidance of a Credentialed Registered Dietitian.

Savor Health is proud to be part of Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS program and StartUp Health

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