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Spotlight on Men’s Health

Preventive care is key to early detection and treatment of disease throughout an individual’s life, but some demographics are less likely to seek medical care than others, which can adversely impact their health outcomes. Men live, on average, 4.8 years fewer than women. This rate is steadily improving, but there are many steps that can be taken to improve education and awareness of ways to strengthen and improve men’s health.

Nursing@Georgetown, the online Master of Science in Nursing program, produced the following infographic to explore men’s health risk in detail and to outline guidelines and steps to ensure comprehensive preventive men’s health care.


georgetown infographic on men's health

1 Comment
  1. Excellent overview on men’s health.
    There’s so much we could all earn from heathy diets, yes including us men!
    Polyphenols in prostate cancer are just a eye-opening example

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