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My name is Vivienne Vella, and my business partner is Angela Blatteis.  WE are Soupure, and here is our story!


Our Story….In a Soup Bowl

When we started Soupure, Angela and I were both fed up with buying soup from the grocery store or a restaurant that was packed with salt, sugar, cream, fillers, preservatives, and other funky stuff.  If we did manage to find soup that wasn’t mucked up with additives, it tasted like dirty dishwasher or watered-down vegetables. And, while we love our veggies, not even the most hard-core herbivore wants to eat a bowlful of sad, unseasoned, unloved plants.  Combine that with the guzzling of sweet energy drinks laced with unnatural sugars and dyes, we thought, we can do this better!  So, we decided to create soups, energy drinks (sou-thies) and nourishing bone broths that are healing, satisfying, warming, cooling, sweet, savory, nutrient dense, and best of all delicious. Equally important, to make our soups fit in with our own on-the-go lives, we wanted to make our soups completely portable so they can be consumed any time, any place, free of fuss.

One of the biggest reasons we created Soupure was because we’ve always had the nagging suspicion that our food plays a big part in our health—both in alleviating certain conditions and in causing them. Both Angela and I have had family members succumb to cancer. In my case, my father, who died from cancer, was an identical twin, and he got cancer, but his twin didn’t, thus suggesting the lack of a genetic predisposition. And, if cancer weren’t enough to worry about, there are a whole list of diseases and conditions that seem to share some link to what we put in our bodies.  Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that roughly two-thirds of American adults—155 million people—are overweight or obese. About half of them have at least one preventable disease, including cardiovascular disease or Type 2 diabetes. The primary culprits? Poor eating habits and physical inactivity. Our mission statement became to create easily consumed and convenient food that nourished, healed and protected our bodies.  We felt so strongly about our mission that we left the security of our jobs (Angela, in private equity, and myself in law) to focus on it entirely. We gave our full attention to creating an eating regimen that would provide the body what it needs, particularly the minerals and nutrients that most people don’t have in their daily diets. We started looking at how different whole food ingredients can cure, revive, and regenerate, and that became our new grocery list. It was a collaborative effort (with doctors, nutritionists, and chefs) not just to provide a product that was superior to anything we’d seen on the market, but also to create something that we were confident could change people’s lives.

It is through this effort and research that we really began to see that plant superfoods can be medicine. We learned about the incredible healing powers of super food ingredients and created a product line of soups and broths premised on “food as medicine.” Quite simply, our products are nutrient-rich, organic, non GMO, preservative, dairy and gluten free.


So What Was The Response?

Well, something magical happened: People started reporting that they were feeling better. Our email inboxes and phones were flooded with messages from customers telling us about how their skin conditions had vanished, their chronic symptoms abated, they were losing weight, decreasing their medication, looking better, had more energy, and, best of all, they were happier. They felt less bloated, had more regular bowel movements, their tummy bulge was gone, and they were more clear-minded. Those who had digestive issues said their symptoms vanished. Others who were on medication for cancer treatments and could barely keep any food down said they finally felt nourished and satisfied.

Whether souping through Soupure or on your own program, a diet rich in whole foods containing proteins, good fats and complex carbohydrates; disease-fighting phytonutrients; and above all, loads of fiber, is crucial to optimal health. When you achieve that, you have a life that’s in balance!

Oh and did we mention, Soupure is THRILLED to be working with Savor Health!  It’s a partnership, in good health.  

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