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September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

While there is so much attention dedicated to women’s cancers and pink ribbons are visible on so many different products, less is known of male cancers.  Despite a greater incidence rate, prostate cancer receives less funding and less public awareness than breast cancer.  It is the second leading cancer in men, with one in six men being diagnosed in their lifetime.  Since early stages when its most treatable may not always cause symptoms, it is very important for men to know their risk factors and to get their prostate checked annually at physical exams.  Blood levels of Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) may also be monitored, but are not always the best indication of prostate cancer. For more information on prostate cancer risk factors, symptoms, and screening, check out the informative graphic from Mount Sinai below.

Corinne Easterling

Corinne is a graduate in Nutrition and Food Studies, with a concentration in Nutrition and Dietetics. She started at Savor Health as an intern while receiving her Bachelor’s degree from New York University. She continues to assist the Savor Health team in maintaining the website and other day-to-day activities, as well as volunteering part-time. She will be continuing her education to become a Registered Dietitian at Leeds Metropolitan University in the Fall.

  1. I was diganosised with prostate cancer 4 years ago with a psa of 9.63 did not have surgery Oct.2013 psa 3.67 does that mean i don.t know just trusting God and change the way i eat.feel great

  2. Wow, I have to say that this infographic is great! When I was writing a post about Prostate Cancer Awareness last month, I was thinking about how we could get more men interested in talking about this public health event. I think you guys really hit it out of the park with this one! (Sorry but I just couldn’t stop myself…)

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