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Healthy Resolutions

The New Year is a perfect time to reboot and focus on your future. Many use New Year’s resolutions as a means for self-improvement, but that typically leads to unrealistic goals and failed attempts, despite the best intentions.

We understand the temptation to set lofty goals. Who doesn’t want to lose weight, do more to help others, or get in shape?


Take A Focused Approach 

In fact, we’d love for you to take charge of your health in order to reduce your risk of developing cancer, improve your outcomes and quality of life if you have cancer, or prevent its recurrence if you’re a cancer survivor. However, we realize that may be a little too ambitious and vague.

Instead, we encourage you to select one of the smaller behavioral goals listed below. Each of these actionable items will have a big impact on your health and will help you in the fight against cancer and other chronic diseases.

Stick with one until it becomes second nature. Then consider tacking on another if you’re inspired to do so. And for an even better shot at success, enlist some moral support by convincing a family member or friend to join you in your effort to lead a healthier lifestyle.

  • Eat 5 servings of fruits and non-starchy vegetables each day.
  • Get 30-60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day.
  • Eat as little red meat and processed meat as possible.
  • Limit alcohol to 2 drinks a day for men and 1 drink a day for women.
  • Incorporate whole grains, legumes, seeds, and/or nuts with each meal.


Caryn Huneke

Caryn Huneke is completing her dietetic internship and MS degree in Nutrition Education at Teachers College, Columbia University to become a Registered Dietitian.

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