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Savor Health Thanksgiving

Savor Health is an amazing resource for those who are not well enough to cook on their own but still would like healthy, nourishing meals.  Thanksgiving is the one time of year when even those who can’t even scramble an egg throw their aprons on, and it can be hard to think about celebrating that special day without least one homemade dish. At Cook For Your LIFE we believe that nourishing food eaten with family is healing in more ways than one, and that cooking good, healthy food does not have to be a daunting task. Whether you’re currently in treatment for cancer, are a caregiver, or a friend who wants to help with limited time, here are some tips for making it a little easier.


  1. Ask:  It’s always important to start with communication. You may want to bring your loved ones a Thanksgiving feast, but do they want it? Some people going through cancer treatment have severe nausea and bringing them a Thanksgiving meal that smells delightful to you, could turn them off of the holiday spread for good. Once you’ve got that covered, ask them what their favorite dishes are and if their registered dietician has sworn them off of any foods. Asking questions can save you time and everyone energy.
  2. Rally The Troops:  It’s okay to admit that, as a caregiver, sometimes you need help too.  During the holiday season it’s pretty easy to take advantage of that jolly spirit everyone around you has. Just ask if anyone is willing to make a side dish, or if they’re willing to do the grocery shopping, or drop off the food for you. Any little bit helps, and it’s okay to ask.
  3. Consider Family Size: If you are bringing food to a couple or a sick friend who lives solo, bringing them a ton of food can be overwhelming or make them feel bad if they can’t eat much of it. On the other hand, if they have a family, everyone will probably want to enjoy the fruits of your efforts so it’s important to make enough to ensure the day is special for everyone that’s affected by your friend’s illness.
  4. A Little “Home-Aid”: The right combination of homemade and pre-packaged or processed foods can be a lifesaver. Things like pre-cubed winter squash, turkey breast instead of the whole bird, pre-made piecrust, or pre-peeled vacuum packed chestnuts are things can really save time and are worth the price increase at the store.
  5. Prep Early: There are plenty of dishes that can be prepared ahead of time for easy cooking on the day of. Many casseroles, soups, desserts, and vegetable sides can be made most of the way the day and the night before and finished off in the morning for a just cooked taste.
  6. Disposable Is Not Despicable: Who said you can’t serve Thanksgiving on disposable plates? Okay plenty of people probably. But who cares about them? This is about spending time with a loved one in need and making this day special. Unless you love dishes, give yourself a break. Perfection is boring.


And lastly check out our website for healthy, easy thanksgiving dishes that are sure to please everyone!

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