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What are ‘invasive’ dental procedures?

Dental procedures are common, and if you are considering having one done during your cancer journey it is important to understand the relationship between your blood count and a dental visit.

There are two procedures that are completed at a dentist’s office.  These are invasive and non-invasive procedures.  Invasive dental procedures are not recommended when blood cell counts are below certain levels.  So what’s the difference between the two?  Let’s find out:


Invasive Dental Procedures

Invasive dental procedures include those that involve manipulation of the gums (gingival tissue) or perforation of the oral mucosa.  Procedures like extractions, gum surgery (gingivectomy/periodontal Surgery) or dental implants are considered invasive.


Non-Invasive Dental Procedures

Non-invasive dental procedures include fillings (dental restorations), root canal therapy (endodontic therapy), crowns, bridges and removable prosthodontic devices, such as dentures.  These procedures are generally ok to have done if the blood count is low, but inform your dentist about your blood count prior to having any form of treatment done.

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