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Fighting Testicular Cancer with Tommy John

June is Men’s Health Month and we are working to continue supporting the men in our lives, especially when it comes to their well-being. Through partnerships with organizations like the Testicular Cancer Foundation, we at Tommy John are working to bring attention to men’s health, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and regular doctor visits.  And we are excited to be featured on Savor Health!  We want to tell you a bit more.

In the month of April, our partnership with the Testicular Cancer Foundation allowed us to focus on Testicular Cancer: a disease affecting one male every hour. According to Cancer.net, testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in males age 15-44. The foundation not only provides education and support to men to raise awareness, but it supports the families of patients as well. It also shares resources with the medical and healthcare communities, schools, and young men’s groups. Because testicular cancer is rarely discussed, our primary focus was to spread awareness and work to prevent the disease from affecting increasingly more men each year, especially since it’s a huge component of men’s health.

Early detection is key for a disease like testicular cancer, because when caught early, it has a survival rate of 99%. Self-checks (ideally performed monthly) are the most effective method of early detection. Most men are unaware of the warning signs, and at times, can be nervous or uncomfortable to ask their physicians. That’s why self-checks are a man’s best defense against testicular cancer. These checks can be done in mere seconds and can easily become a part of a man’s daily routine.


Here’s the drill:

  1. Check one testicle at a time
  2. Hold the testicle between your thumb and fingers of both hands and roll it gently between your fingers
  3. If you notice any of these symptoms, see a urologist right away
    1. Changes in size, shape, or consistency
    2. Hard lumps
    3. Smooth or rounded bumps


The Testicular Cancer Foundation echoed the importance of these self-checks, saying, “A simple self-exam can save time, money, unnecessary treatment, and ultimately a life.” When it comes to focusing on our health, many of us turn to our diets or what the scale reads. Often men forget about some of the more important things they can do to keep themselves healthy. For men, these self-exams are a great place to start.

Not only did all of us here at Tommy John help spread awareness by inspiring a conversation, we also donated a portion of sales from our boxer briefs to help further fund treatment, care, and research. We were also incredibly proud to donate pairs to numerous patients so they could have a little extra comfort post-surgery.

Throughout the year, we’ll be working toward supporting men in health and fabric. We wanted to take this opportunity in June to inspire a conversation about men’s health in general. Men aren’t always proactive about their health, but now is a perfect time for them to take charge of their personal well-being. We’re hoping to inspire the men in our lives to regularly monitor their health, and most of all, be comfortable discussing it with their doctor and loved ones.  With Savor Health, we join to stand up strong against Testicular Cancer.

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