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What makes Savor Health different?

My name is Katrina Trisko, and I have just come on board for the season with Savor Health as a dietetic intern. I graduated from Boston University in 2013 with a degree in Dietetics and I am currently completing my dietetic internship program through Teachers College of Columbia University in NYC, where I finished coursework for my Masters in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. At Savor Health, I will be working on articles about my experiences abroad, writing some tips on how to get closer to the foods you eat, and developing some soft and pureed food recipes, so look for these in the weeks and months to come.kat

As a lover of food, exercise, and simply helping others live a happy, healthy life, nutrition was the perfect road for me to travel. So following in the footsteps of Angela, Maria, and Tasha (along with the rest of the RD’s we have on staff here at Savor Health) I completed a rigorous course load of classes required by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and will be eligible to sit for the registration exam once I have finished my internship.

What makes our staff of RD’s stand out from the rest? First, many states do not have any regulation regarding the word “nutritionist” — which anyone can claim to be, regardless of education or experience. Registered Dietitians, RD (or Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, RDN) are the only nutrition professionals who have completed rigorous requirements in order to provide nutrition counseling services.

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RDs are required to complete a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in course work approved by the Accreditation Council of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as extensive supervised practice before they can take the registration exam administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. The Oncology Nutrition specialization (CSO) that our RDs have requires an additional 2,000 hours of practice experience in the specialty area of oncology and successful completion of an exam testing one’s understanding and knowledge of oncology dietetics.

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Needless to say, the RDs here at Savor Health have gone through an education program and supervised experience to become nutrition experts that provide sound, reliable, and most importantly, science-based advice that reflects the most recent and up-to-date research. With Savor Health, you can be assured that you are receiving personalized care from professional RDs who really know how to best care for you.

I am really excited to be working with a group of amazing individuals, and look forward to sharing some of my experiences and favorite recipes with you on your journey towards savoring your health.

Katrina Trisko

Katrina Trisko graduated from Boston University in 2013 with a degree in Dietetics and is currently completing her dietetic internship program through Teachers College of Columbia University in NYC, where she has finished coursework for a Masters in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.

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