Sample Menu Options

Our selection of prepared meals are made to order. Our options change regularly and use fresh, seasonal ingredients.


Swiss Muesli

A blend of whole grain oats, fruit and Greek yogurt is blended with a touch of maple syrup and garnished with fresh apples

Zucchini Frittata

Eggs whipped with Swiss cheese, sweet onions & zucchini and baked to perfection
We can make this without cheese at your request

Breakfast sides can include items such as potatoes, yogurt, applesauce, fruit, chicken sausage

A Bowl of Homemade Granola with Apple Slices, Plain Iogurt and Cinnamon

Zucchini Frittata


Wrap with Grilled Vegetables and Chicken

Whole wheat tortilla filled with an array of marinated grilled vegetables, roasted red bell peppers and grilled chicken topped with fresh buffalo mozzarella served with a basil vegenaise spread
We can make this without bell peppers at your request

Citrus Turkey Wrap

Citrus-infused turkey wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with romaine lettuce and a side of dairy-free ranch dressing
We can make this without onion and bell pepper at your request

Rustic Minestrone

An Italian classic loaded with vegetables, kidney beans and garbanzo beans

Lunch sides can include items such as soup du jour, fruit, veggie chips

Rustic Minestrone

Citrus Turkey Wrap

Healthy Homemade Vegetable Chips on a Cutting Board


Wild caught filet of fish

Grilled or baked chef’s choice of fresh wild caught fish lightly seasoned

Turkey with Mushroom gravy

Free-range grilled turkey served with wild mushroom gravy & grilled asparagus tips

Herb Crusted Red snapper

Fresh red snapper seared golden brown with fresh herbs

Grilled Chicken au jus

Grilled, free-range chicken breast lightly seasoned

Grilled Turkey au jus

Grilled, free-range chicken breast lightly seasoned

Dinner sides can include items such as braised broccoli, lemon spinach, brown rice, or truffle potatoes

Turkey with Mushroom gravy

grilled salmon and asparagus over rice

Grilled Halibut with Spinach, leeks and Rice

Homemade Healthy Sauteed Swiss Chard with Garlic and Cheese

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