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Men’s Health Month

June is National Men’s Health Month and the goal of the community is to raise awareness on the importance of preventative care and to encourage men and boys to lead healthy, positive lifestyles.  It is also important that we are advancing health care education and making use of the existing government health networks toward the wellbeing of men.


Stay Healthy

The single most important way you can take care of yourself and those who are near and dear to your heart is to actively take part in your health care. Educate yourself and participate in decisions with your doctor, but most importantly, SEE THE DOCTOR – one visit can save your life.

There are few things every man needs to know in order to stay healthy:

  • Eat a healthy diet – Heart disease is the #1 killer of men.  Eating right can help reduce your risk of heart disease.  Be conscious of portion sizes and make sure to incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables to your diet.
  • Stay active – There are many ways to be active in your daily lifestyle.  You can opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator, do yard work, or play sports with your kids or friends.  Most importantly, choose activities that you enjoy to stay motivated.
  • See your doctor – Get regular screenings and visit your doctor often.  Many illnesses can be prevented or detected early with regular medical checkups.

To learn more about Men’s Health Month, visit Men’s Health Network.

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