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The Mediterranean Lifestyle

My message about diet is simple.

Exchange diet for lifestyle. Diet represents deprivation and that simply isn’t sustainable. However, lifestyle incorporates everyday habits into life, for the rest of our life, not just a moment in time. Losing weight is generally a short term goal that isn’t sustainable. Whereas lifestyle, well, that’s who we are right?


8 Lifestyle Tips 

I haven’t been on a diet in years. Instead, over time I integrated the Mediterranean Diet into my life and am in the best health ever. As a byproduct, I lost weight and have kept it off. Here are 8 tips turned into habits that help me maintain that Mediterranean good feeling:

  1. Ditch highly processed foods and refined sugar in foods like white rice, pasta, white bread. Avoid soda and energy drinks as well.
  2. Monitor added sugar, sodium, and fat in foods. If they come naturally in a food, especially plant-based foods, then don’t worry about it.
  3. Opt for fresh fruit and veggies. They don’t need food labels.
  4. Include more whole grains, lentils, beans, and peas.
  5. Make sure that eating is a social event, don’t mindlessly eat alone.
  6. Think about meat as a side dish — Animal protein, especially red meat, is still on the menu, just less of it. Fish, especially omega 3 rich ones, plays a more prominent role.
  7. Keep sweet treats in check – a treat in small amounts, every so often.
  8. Eat a very nutritious breakfast. This will help you power thru the morning and feel energized and focused.

Here are simple and easy recipes for any occasion to help you turn these tips into habits of your own on your Mediterranean lifestyle path.

Susan Levy

Susan Levy has been on the journey of heart-healthy living for almost 25 years. She's worked with hospitals in over 35 states to hone their messages about prevention and early detection. Susan is also publisher of the website The Well-Fed Heart which offers dietitian-approved recipes that take 5 steps or less and work for home cooks.

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