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July & August Awareness

July marks sarcoma awareness month and UV safety awareness month. What better time than now to refresh your UV safety knowledge and put your skills to practice, as well as joining advocacy efforts. How can you educate yourself, support research and get involved in these advocacy efforts this summer?

Sarcoma Awareness

Over 11,000 people are diagnosed with sarcoma each year. Sarcoma is cancer of the connective tissues and can affect fat, muscles, nerves, bones, cartilage and blood vessels [ii]. Sarcoma is more likely to affect young adults and children than other age groups, with a median age of 36 years [ii, iii]. The estimated five-year survival rate of sarcoma affecting the bones and soft tissue is estimated to be 66% and 64% respectively [iv]. Help raise awareness for sarcoma by:

1. Advocate on social media! Use these free resources from the Sarcoma Foundation of America to spread awareness of sarcoma.
2. Join an awareness event in your area. Check out the Sarcoma Foundation of America’s Event Calendar to find an advocacy event.
3. Want to educate yourself and others about sarcoma? Click here to learn 5 important facts about sarcoma from the National Foundation for Cancer Research
4. Learn more about soft tissue sarcoma risk factors, prevention and causes on the American Cancer Society’s website [v].
5. Educate yourself and others about the symptoms of bone cancer using this infographic from the Bone Cancer Research Trust [vi].

UV Safety

Did you know that UV radiation from the sun can cause damage to your skin during just 15 minutes of exposure [vii]? Exposure to UV radiation that comes from the sun may not only leave long lasting damage to the skin, but in some cases may cause different types of skin cancers [viii]. UV radiation can also be the result of indoor tanning beds [ix]. Enjoy the sun this summer while protecting your skin from damage.

1. Use the CDC’s Skin Cancer Graphics to teach yourself and others how to protect your skin [vii].
2. Looking for a new podcast to listen to this summer? Listen to the CDC’s Skin Cancer Podcasts to learn more about skin cancer prevention [vii].
3. Protect your skin from UV radiation by wearing sunscreen, protective clothing and hats while enjoying the outdoors [viii].
4. Don’t forget to protect your eyes this summer from damage from UV radiation by wearing sunglasses [viii].
5. Choose the right sunscreen. Use this guide to pick the right sunscreen for you [x].


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