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4 Apple Recipes for Winter

The weather is cooler, the leaves have fallen, and you know what that means—apple season has arrived! Apple season lasts long past autumn, thanks to how easy it is to keep apples fresh into the winter. Apples are a delicious fiber and vitamin packed fruit. Whether you have a basket full of apples from an apple-picking trip, or have been noticing the beautiful local apples at your market, I have plenty of ideas for how you can use this amazing fruit!


Apple Pie French Toast Bake with Almond Crumble


French toast sounds like a decadent, sugar-coma-inducing breakfast, but when you think about it, the main components are simply bread, eggs, and milk.  By choosing a hearty whole grain bread (rather than the typical white bread/challah) and unsweetened almond milk (instead of half and half and tons of added sugar), this is actually a perfectly balanced, protein and fiber filled breakfast.  This version adds tons of cinnamon-sautéed apples and a light nut and seed topping for extra protein and healthy fat.   Plus, it makes a big batch, so you can feed a crowd or have breakfast ready all week long.


Apple & Brie Quesadilla

For a melty (but still healthy) fall meal, simply place a whole grain tortilla in a large skillet over medium heat and top with thin apple slices, a few thin pieces of brie, a handful of fresh arugula, and a drizzle of honey mustard.  Fold in half and cook for a few minutes on each side until the filling is warm and the cheese is melted, for a unique quesadilla that is perfect for lunch or dinner.


Cinnamon Apple Chips with Peanut Butter-Yogurt Dip


If you’re bored of snacking on plain apple slices, here’s a way to spice them up.  Mix peanut butter with greek yogurt, cinnamon, and a tiny bit of maple syrup for a tasty dip that adds protein and healthy fat to make your apple snack a bit more filling.  You can serve it with a fresh sliced apple, or can make apple chips by baking thinly sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon until dried and crispy.


Apple and Brussel Sprout Pizza


If you’re trying to step up your pizza night game, this is the perfect recipe.  You sauté thinly sliced brussel sprouts with shallots, use it to cover a whole wheat pizza crust, then top with sliced apples, crumbled goat cheese, and walnuts or pecans.  After baking for about 15 minutes, you finish it off with a drizzle of balsamic glaze.

Looking for something easier?  For a quick breakfast, try a piece of grainy toast topped with chunky almond butter, sliced apple, and cinnamon.  For a quick salad, combine your favorite greens with diced apples, and add any other ingredients such as beets, roasted squash, cooked quinoa (or another grain or bean), and walnuts.  The possibilities are endless, so get into the kitchen and celebrate apple season!

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