We’re in the business of nourishing the mind, body and spirit of people with cancer

The Savor Health Story

Susan Bratton watched her close friend, Eric, be taken by cancer in 5 months time. Going from his vibrant, positive self, even after getting his diagnosis, to succumbing to mouth sores that made eating so difficult his family and friends were at a loss for what to do.

And so were his doctors.

Susan thought that if this could happen to Eric and his family, it must be happening to a lot of other people.

After Susan watched Eric lose his struggle to cancer, she quit her Wall Street job and spent two years researching this area of nutrition and cancer and armed with the results she started Savor Health.

By leveraging a team of oncology nutrition experts and the latest technology, Savor Health designs individually personalized nutrition solutions to meet the unique needs of cancer patients at every step along their journey. Our comprehensive range of technology-enabled services includes algorithm-driven meal and content recommendations and nutritional counseling through a team of oncology credentialed registered dietitians and nurses.

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