Savor Health’s Game Plan

What’s as All American as Apple Pie?  Super Bowl Sunday of course! And once again, the celebration is here!

Savor Health is celebrating in a huge way for 2017, tackling cancer and striving for good nutrition for the game of life.  We believe the game of football is synonymous to the fight with cancer; each person striving to overcome challenges and reap all the joys of living each day to its fullest.  Because of this, Savor Health has teamed up with Hall of Famer and former Buffalo Bills quarterback, Jim Kelly, Merck, The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance and Support for People with Oral Head and Neck Cancer (SPOHNC) for a program called “Your Cancer Game Plan” designed to support the needs of head and neck cancer patients through their fight.  Your Cancer Game Plan is a comprehensive resource for the broad range of needs and issues experienced by these patients and their families. The three key pillars of Your Cancer Game Plan campaign address nutrition, staying positive and communication. Also provided are recipes, coping strategies, communication guides and so much more! This is a great resource for patients, their loved ones, and their medical teams.


Super Bowl Recipes

This Super Bowl, check out these great recipes that we developed as part of Your Cancer Game Plan, particularly perfect for your Super Bowl gathering or parties!  In addition, we’ve come up with some great suggestions to make each recipe in a fun and festive appetizer portion:

  1. Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Smoothies Freeze into ice pops, or serve as fun drinks in shot glasses or other fun themed glasses.
  2. Almond Butter and Apple Baked Oatmeal Bake in football cake pan and decorate accordingly; add a touch of flour to thicken and bake as cookies or bars.
  3. Sweet Potato and Kale Frittata – Bake in muffin tins for bite size servings.
  4. Avocado and Egg SaladPuree salad and pipe into hardboiled egg to serve as “deviled egg” appetizer or serve on mini toasts, crackers or melba toasts.
  5. Macaroni and Cheese Muffins Make as mini muffins (would work best with smaller pasta like ditalini and without shredded meat).
  6. Chicken and Quinoa Stew Serve in crock pot or in fun football themed mugs.

For all of the great resources visit the program’s homepage. And for a conversation among the partners, visit here to hear Jim Kelly’s story and an active discussion addressing important patient and caregiver needs.  For more information, please email the Savor Health team at

Game on!

Anthony Wind

Director of Content

Anthony Wind is a credentialed Registered Dietitian with a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Teachers College, Columbia University. Anthony has professional experience working with organizations in international development, television and media, and sports nutrition prior to coming to Savor Health. He is passionate about providing personalized health solutions with nutrition and exercise. In his spare time, Anthony enjoys distance running. His most memorable race was the 50 Mile National Championships in the Marin Headlands in San Francisco California. He currently resides in New York City.

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