We’re in the business of nourishing the mind, body and spirit of people with cancer

The Savor Health Story

Susan Bratton watched her close friend, Eric, be taken by cancer in six months time. Her vibrant and energetic friend suffered from mouth sores that made eating painful, resulting in rapid weight loss and, ultimately, succumbing to his cancer. His family and friends searched, but did not find, safe and clinically appropriate nutrition support. Susan thought that if this could happen to Eric and his family, it must be happening to many people.

She left her career on Wall Street and spent two years researching the scientific literature regarding the nutritional issues and needs of cancer patients and interviewing cancer patients, caregivers, and the medical professionals who treat them so that she could create a solution to address these unmet needs in a scientific and clinically appropriate manner. The result of this research is Ina®, a virtual “Intelligent Nutrition Assistant” chat bot who provides personalized nutrition support 24/7 “on demand” via SMS text on a smart phone.

Licensed by healthcare enterprises and provided free of charge to cancer patients and caregivers, Ina® provides the support Eric was searching for.