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Quick Facts

Headquartered in New York, NY

Executive Officers include: Susan Bratton, MBA, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Marissa Buchan, RD, CSO, Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Tony DeFrance, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Board of Directors include: Susan Bratton, CEO and Founder, Aafia Chaudhry, MD and James Patrick

Partners include: AICR, CancerCare, Cancer Support Community, LIVESTRONG, LUNGevity, NIH, and ONDPG

Marquee clients include: Bayer, Celgene, Merck, and Pfizer

Accelerators: Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS and StartUp Health


susan bratton speaking on camera for AARP

Susan Bratton, CEO speaks nationally about the role of proper nutrition in cancer treatment. See https:Press

The Meals to Heal Cookbook

Written by CEO and Founder, Susan Bratton and Jessica Iannotta, an oncology-credentialed registered dietitian, the Meals to Heal Cookbook answers the question “What should I eat?” Friends and family are eager to show their support through food, but often find themselves at a loss as to what to cook, due to cancer’s numerous nutritional side effects.