The Meals to Heal Cookbook

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Malnutrition is the #2 secondary diagnosis in cancer patients, and up to 80 percent of all cancer patients experience nutritional issues during treatment. The Meals to Heal Cookbook shares healthy, easy to prepare recipes that not only taste delicious but also mitigate the many side effects of cancer treatment. Recipes are organized by meal as well as by side effect, allowing you to easily find meals suited to your particular health needs. With authoritative sections on a wide variety of common health and nutrition topics, such as healthy non-meat alternatives, and controversial topics, such as juicing and soy, The Meals to Heal Cookbook is a go-to resource addressing all of the major food, cooking, and nutrition questions asked by patients and caregivers in a straightforward, accessible, and supportive manner.

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#1 new release in cancer cookbooks

The Meals to Heal Cookbook is the solution for those suffering from cancer” –

“This book tackles a problem common to most everyone undergoing cancer treatment or caring for someone who is.” – Myrtle Beach Online


Susan Bratton is the Founder and CEO of Savor Health (formerly Meals to Heal), a comprehensive patient- and caregiver-focused cancer nutrition service. She also advocates for changes in our healthcare system that would make proper nutrition an integral part of cancer care delivery in the United States, and frequently speaks on this topic around the US. Among the groups she has spoken to include the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Lungevity, the Institute for International Research’s Conference on Oncology and many others.

Jessica Iannotta, MS, RD, CSO, CDN, is the Chief Operating Officer of Savor Health (formerly Meals to Heal). She is a registered dietitian and certified specialist in oncology nutrition (CSO), and began her career as an oncology dietitian in 2001. She currently manages the oncology nutrition and customer service teams at Savor Health, ensuring that every patient and caregiver speaks to an experienced oncology professional and receives helpful and safe information.

“This is definitely a book to consider as a gift for anyone who has cancer, is recovering from cancer, or who is caring for someone suffering from this disease.” – Myrtle Beach Online

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