Breast Cancer Survivor Program

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Learn to thrive as a breast cancer survivor with this 8-week interactive educational program.

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This is a tremendous value – you’re getting an educational program and 8 nutrition consultations for less than the value of the consultations!

The Savor Health Breast Cancer Survivor Program is a comprehensive nutritional education program that includes 8 weeks of topics that help a breast cancer patient get on the road to optimal health and well-being. Each topic is designed to provide the information and tools to support a healthy, cancer-fighting lifestyle.

The breast cancer patient will learn

  • Why proper nutrition and a healthy weight are important
  • The benefits of including regular physical activity
  • How to practice proper portion control
  • How to shop for healthy foods in the grocery store
  • How to choose the healthiest foods when dining out
  • How to cook foods healthfully
  • How to get rid of negative health behaviors and have long term success with your new healthy behaviors
  • Common topics and questions that are relevant to breast cancer patients, such as plant based diets and dietary supplements


Our 8 week program includes

  • 8 weeks of weekly educational modules designed for breast cancer patients
  • Weekly 15-minute nutritional counseling session with an oncology credentialed registered dietitian


Each week you’ll get an email with information on the weekly topic and informative, printable educational handouts and resources. You’ll complete a short assignment and have a 15-minute nutritional counseling session over the phone with an RDN CSO who can answer any questions you have. Schedule your counseling session at whatever time works for you!

If you are still actively undergoing cancer treatment and are interested in our program, please obtain the approval of your medical team. The Savor Health Breast Cancer Survivor Program is not meant to provide individualized medical nutrition therapy. Always consult with your medical and nutrition team to discuss your individual nutritional needs.

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