My Secret Ingredient For Better Heart-Health

No dieting necessary by following this guide…

After all my years of working in lifestyle change for patients and their families, I finally had time to concentrate on myself and what I discovered about my diet and maintaining a healthy weight can be summed up in one word: Fiber.

That’s right, Fiber.

Fiber is the key to my steady weight and feeling of good health. Fiber only appears in plants and if you’re eating the rainbow, you’re probably well on your way to meeting your daily fiber needs. It keeps you full longer, keeps your glucose steady without spiking, your blood pressure normal. Fiber also keeps you regular, helping to remove waste and toxins out of our bodies.

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Americans only get about 10-15 grams, half of what they need. Most of us need 21-38 grams, depending on our age, sex and activity level. When I consciously decided to count my fiber intake instead of calories, it changed my focus and the result has been nothing less than astounding.

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In the process of consciously consuming foods with more fiber, I was eating my healthiest. I switched from pasta to whole grains and started eating more beans. Did you know artichokes have the most fiber of any plant with lentils just behind?  In other words, this idea of “Eating the Rainbow” is simply eating whole foods, and that means leaving highly processed foods on the grocery store shelf.

It’s not about dieting.

Instead, I changed my eating habits. I’ve become mindful of eating more fiber. My key to success was gradually integrating it over time.

Two tools to help

If you want to know how much fiber you need in a day, go to Fill out the short questionnaire, and you’ll get that answer along with other data. It’s a guide based on the information you put in, so be honest!

Also, I have a list of the top 20 foods with the most fiber in my book The 8 PRINCIPLES OF A HEART-HEALTHY WOMAN: Making Better Choices for Life. A discussion of fiber is part of the 4th Principle, Replacing Diet with Lifestyle.

portuguese lentil soup

Download our Portuguese Lentil Soup recipe…

Remember, if I can do it, you can, too!

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