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Research shows that better patient nutrition improves treatment adherence, tolerance, and outcomes and reduces treatment cost, toxicity and complication rates.
Sources:  Lis CG, Nutrition Journal, 2012; 11: 27; Bauer J, Clin Nutr. 2005;24:998-1004; Odelli C, Clin Oncol. 2005;17:639-645.

Savor Health has created an evidence-based, personalized nutrition and exercise technology platform that can be licensed on a branded or white labeled basis for cancer and other chronic medical conditions. Our smart app delivers cancer nutrition, recipe and exercise guidance that is specific to each patient’s unique needs and based on evidence-based science. Savor Health empowers patients to take control over their disease.

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Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Deepen patient support and engagement initiatives for patients treated with branded medication
  • Improve treatment adherence, clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction
  • Create a tailored solution using our modular platform
  • Enhance oncology brand association and company reputation

Employers, Payors and Providers

  • Complement engagement and wellness platforms and initiatives
  • Reduce costs, and improve treatment adherence and clinical outcomes
  • Enhance patient satisfaction, patient engagement in own care, and brand reputation
  • Create a tailored solution using our modular platform
  • Enhance company reputation

Patient Advocacy/Education

  • Educate patients on proper nutrition and exercise with evidence-based content developed by oncology-credentialed RDs and RNs
  • Provide access to the Savor Health proprietary nutrition and exercise technology platform
  • Enhance content offered to members via website and webinars
  • Guest speaker at conferences

Sampling of Projects:







Patient Advocacy Partners:

Invited Speaker:

  • AARP Live @50+
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Lake Nona Impact Forum
  • ePharma Summit
  • EuropaColon Advocacy Masterclass
  • BioPharm America
  • Digital Health Technology – London, March 2018