What people are saying about Savor Health

Savor Health offered me peace of mind during my treatments. They were fresh and nutritious meals that were tailored to my own personal needs. It was the best gift that my family could have given me during this difficult time.

You guys are amazing and I’m getting weepy with gratitude. You kindness, patience and service are above and beyond. Thank you so much.

The meals are not only fresh, but well suited to my changing taste and appetite.  They were so convenient and perfectly portioned for my appetite.  There is a wide variety of healthy meals to choose from, allowing me to feel confident that I can meet my nutritional needs during treatment.

Savor Health was so very helpful for me when I was going through chemotherapy. My uncle, who is a cancer survivor himself, knew that I would not be up for cooking for myself during my treatments. He also knew that good nutrition during cancer treatment is so very crucial because your body and immune system go through so much.

He was the one who found Savor Health…and I am very grateful that he did! I had no desire to cook or even be around the kitchen when my sister would be making dinner. Being able to have a full nutritional meal that was already prepared for me was fantastic and a key to maintaining a healthy weight during my chemotherapy.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone! My oncologist doctor and nurse even inquired about the program when they would see my Savor Health lunch that I would take with me to chemotherapy. They were very happy to see me maintaining a healthy weight. The staff at Savor Health are so caring, they would send me reminder emails to make sure that I would not miss out on ordering for the next week since that did happen a couple times early on….chemo brain!

I think this program is such an important factor for people going through cancer treatment!

You have truly been and are a true answer to our prayers. Your program is truly helpful to all who are dealing with cancer. Your pricing is more than fair. I pray and give thanks to God daily for His guidance in finding you.

My sister has handled this 99.9% of our transactions and throughout has repeatedly mentioned how wonderful the experience has been. We realize we are in good hands!

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Savor Health has been a blessing to our family. The service has helped my brother be able to live at home by himself while he is fighting his cancer.

Our family is spread out across the country and we worried about how he would be able to get nutritious meals to eat. It is reassuring knowing that he is receiving good, well balanced, and easy to prepare meals that are targeted to help fight cancer.

In addition, we are able to help him pay for the meals by purchasing gift certificates on the website to keep funds available for him to pay for the meals.

The staff has been exceptional in working with us and helping us manage the process to ensure that our needs are met. The service that Savor Health provides helps to make things easier for all of our family.


As a charity foundation, that helps single parents battling cancer by providing assistance with daily living activities, such as daily meals, rides to doctor appointments, laundry and household cleaning services, we were very choosy in who we wanted for our meal service. Our service area covers the SF Bay Area and the Sacramento region, so we needed a company that would provide a consistent meal service plan.

We were absolutely thrilled when we found Savor Health and were extremely impressed with the philosophy behind their program, not only for the cancer patient, but for the caregivers as well. Susan, Angela, and Jessica have made it so easy for us to set up our program for our recipients and are always available for support at a moment’s notice. Fantastic customer service!

Savor Health offers meal plans that are optimally designed for the best nutrition that takes into account the cancer patient’s sensitivity to eating due to the chemo treatments.

Our first foundation recipient under the Savor Health program has had nothing but rave reviews about the quality and taste of the food in which she says is superb. What sealed the deal for us as well, was the nationwide deliverability, so no matter how far One Flap Down Foundation will eventually expand into, we know that Savor Health will deliver! Thank you for making a difference today.

I have a lot questions about nutrition and my cancer treatment. I want to do as much as I can to stay healthy and not lose weight. Savor Health’s cancer dietitian, Jessica, helped me manage my side effects and focus on eating the right foods for me.

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Treatment left me very fatigued. Having fresh meals delivered to my home was so helpful and easy. I only had to microwave them for a few minutes.

This is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received from anyone. Aside from being delicious, the food is fresh, nutritious, and obviously lovingly prepared. Having been on chemotherapy almost continuously for the past 4 years, it is such a relief to have these gourmet meals delivered to me. It couldn’t be easier. I just heat them up and enjoy! The variety of selections is fabulous, too, and it’s fun to decide my menu each week. Thank you, Savor Health. You bring a wonderful service to health-challenged patients.

Savor Health took the guess work out of not only what I was going to eat while going through chemo but relieved the stress of how I was going to cook if I wasn’t feeling well. The food was delicious and the menu was full of choices. I loved that the instructions offered different ways to cook, but zapping in the microwave was my most used. The food was delivered as scheduled and came packaged so great I almost didn’t want to open it up. As an added plus everyone I spoke with was wonderful to deal with. In short, Savor Health was a life saver.

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